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Has any Hiv Meds destoryed your bones?

Has any Hiv Meds destoryed your bones?

How many people suffer from bones loss, due to long term use of Our Hiv/ Aids Meds?Im have ostopenia by the time im 60 they say i might be crippled, Have good Rhemotology Docter from Kuwait, working with me on lots of Calcium,vitamin d,folic acid, and bones injections, and diet change, trying to reverse the damage and add growth to my bones...My new fight in life is fighting to saved my bones,with lots of working it out...Never give up...

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A myHIVteam Member said:

Yes I'm preparing myself as my body age and change,And also learning how to stay active and fit....And embracing my i Life as I age...

posted 28 days ago
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