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Bipolar Lifehacks!
A myHIVteam Member asked a question 💭

Seeking Practical Advice and insights for anyone who is HIV positive & also...bipolar-

I've recently come to think I may be living with bipolar disorder. Finding out my status and moving to a place where Ive been isolated hasnt helped. Im doing fairly stable after my diagnosis , antivirals are great, BUT--- as someone who has battled addiction, including sex and alcoholism, I'm cautious about finding a western treatment that would be suitable for me. So I guess my question is: what guidance… read more

A myHIVteam Member

@A myHIVteam Member Hey Gabriel, of course amigo I have been and will be taking the advice of medical professionals. I just think I could gain some massive insight somehow from other bipolars here. I… read more

just posted
Symptoms Of HIV Long-term Even With ART And Undetectable Viral Load
A myHIVteam Member asked a question 💭

Hello all. Does anyone know if you can still experience symptoms of HIV even if you're on ART and have an undetectable viral load? If so, what are the symptoms like? How long does it take for these symptoms to appear?

A myHIVteam Member

That's good to hear.

posted 24 hours ago
Why Is The Issue Of "DAMAGE To The Body", From All The Yrs Of Toxic HIV Medication Never Included When Talking About "Aging & HIV"?
A myHIVteam Member asked a question 💭

At 38+ yrs with this, I am experiencing digestive, organ, & an array of other problems that point directly to the toxicity of ALL the HIV meds I've had over the years & the health problems from just that makes diagnosis difficult for dr's & prolongs suffering & depletes quality of life. This fact is "ALWAYS" overlooked when talking about "aging & HIV", ALWAYS!!!
Thank you,
Dave J.-(Florida)

A myHIVteam Member

I was 25 when I was diagnosed and I'm 62 now and the only problem through the years is dealing with life challenges but other than that life is still great for me. Not only am I a grandma I'm a great… read more

posted 6 hours ago (edited)
Life Sometimes Brings Joy So Keep This Christmas In Your Heat
A myHIVteam Member asked a question 💭
Do Anyone Have Lipodystrophy???
A myHIVteam Member asked a question 💭
A myHIVteam Member

I've had a buffalo hump since the late 90's. My limbs are thinner than normal.
I'd like to blame my big belly on crixivan, but that would be a lie. 😊

posted 4 days ago
World AIDS Day
A myHIVteam Member asked a question 💭

What did you do for World AIDS Day? Mine was a flag raising ceremony and a proclamation by our city mayor. My little brother was extremely happy to be there. When I hopefully see him tomorrow afternoon I will educate him on what HIV/AIDS truly is and I will tell him that I have this chronic illness.

A myHIVteam Member

I’m sorry when was this again I’ll be out of the Lupe for a lot of things

posted 2 days ago
Life Insurance Policy
A myHIVteam Member asked a question 💭

As Im getting older I am thinking about those closest to me and Id like to put my ex in an insurance policy. My hiv specialist promises me I will be undetectable & my health is otherwise ok. i just got an awesome death and dismemberment insurance but I am wondering if anyone with hiv has found a good life insurance policy despite everything because I put my ex at risk...and he is negative..but he is very poor and from a mayan village.

A myHIVteam Member

Thank you :) All of this help from you & everyone is invaluable for me as I have not been in the usa for decades, basically!

posted 6 hours ago
Myhivteam App Question
A myHIVteam Member asked a question 💭

Does anyone know why the app doesn't let me login? Got a new phone, changed password,etc. Can log in through website but app doesn't acknowledge my login??

A myHIVteam Member

It does that to me also every so often. And ill just log-in through facebook.

posted 5 days ago
Do You Experience Stigma Today Being Hiv? If So, How So & How Do You Cope? Thanks For Your Input
A myHIVteam Member asked a question 💭
A myHIVteam Member

I have only encountered HIV stigma in a Dr.'s office a month or so after my diagnosis. I changed OB GYN's and never saw that woman Dr again. If I knew her name I'd write a review. I think people face… read more

posted November 29
I’m Doing Well.
A myHIVteam Member asked a question 💭
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