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Does anyone have food issues that cause them to take the pill at weird times?

I have food issues and my medicine requires me to eat before taking the pill. I usually eat once a day then take my pill.

But since i eat at varied times, I take the pill after eating rather than at the same time every day.

Does anyone else have that issue or am i just weird?

posted 1 day ago by A myHIVteam User
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I think it's important to take the medicine at nearly the same time every day, so I would suggest picking the time of day that you most often eat and… read more

posted 1 day ago

Hep vaccine and hpv vaccine . menagatis vaccine

Did or have you received i have more protection +

tags: Hep a&b hpv vaccine

posted 1 day ago by A myHIVteam User


My friend who i work with and i were talking she said cdc announced people who are undetectable cannot transmit the virus with a undetectable viral load cant transfer virus

tags: Undetectable

posted 1 day ago by A myHIVteam User
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Everything I read goes back and forth between “cannot” and 99% cannot. The most recent studies indicate undetectable equals untransmittable.

posted 1 day ago

What is your reality in being HIV-positive?

So I am interviewing people here in Dallas about being HIV+ out. I myself have made HIV my battle flag and apologize to no one for being extravagantly HIV+. What kind of questions would you ask to find strength, motivation, inspiration, etc.? These questions will be turned into "Stories of courage & authenticity"!

tags: HIV Outreach & Education HIV Status social stigma

posted 2 days ago by A myHIVteam User
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Amazingly, my life is much better. The diagnosis caused me to change many aspects of my life, healthwise and behavioral. I'm still a nerd however. There… read more

posted 1 day ago


I advise or recommend regardless if your over 26 if your pcp and another thing consider is insurance coverage mine wont but my dr ordered it i got my 1 hpv vaccine injection jan i get again march and final in july but my insurance only covers the administration but not gardasil 9 medicine which is costing me $200.00 per injections

I recommend it

I had no side effect other the injection is uncomfortable but other wise no side effects

Would you get it
Bi and gay even straight men or women i recommend
Some dr… read more

posted 3 days ago by A myHIVteam User

If hiv vaccine

With hep c now has treatment
Has anyone or just my self even though hiv has diffrent strains but if a vaccine ever comes around and proven effective do you think people will return to unsafe sex ?

posted 3 days ago by A myHIVteam User
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Don't know where you are but the use of PrEP has gotten thousands back to unprotected sex. If they can come up with a version that doesn't require labs… read more

posted 1 day ago

Pre or undetectable

Why do some people who are undetectable or on prep choose to participate unsafe sex?

posted 3 days ago by A myHIVteam User

Do you feel like HIV is not an issue when dating?

When I was on grinder I put it in my header (HIV+ & Undetectable) and when I told my now husband I was HIV+ his response was very sexual and took me completely off guard! Maybe I was the exception but what do you think?

tags: Dating stigma disclosure of diagnosis

posted 8 days ago by A myHIVteam User
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I have been dealing with this disease since the mid 80s in one capacity or other. It used to be instant death for your love life when someone found out.… read more

posted 5 days ago

Would like to meet other people with the HIV virus N that struggle with substance abuse

posted 9 days ago by A myHIVteam User
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Yes but if the person your datting or living with has a drinking or substance abuse problem its there problem you can be there and supportive but they… read more

posted 1 day ago

Why was my partner negative?

January 2018 I tested HIV+. My boyfriend of a year, whom I have shared needles with tested negative. Help me understand...

posted 11 days ago by A myHIVteam User
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No kidding @MichealJTHooke it would be a miracle. It was the results from his rapid test they are sending it off to a lab to confirm. @McKenna, I'm… read more

posted 10 days ago
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