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I was just wondering if anyone else works in the health care field, specifically surgical areas or sterile processing. If you do have you had any problems with your organization while working? I am getting ready to return to work, hopefully after being off for the past 2.5 years recovering from cryptococcal meningitis. Let me know what your have experienced.

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Is there something you can take to get your energy back. I always feel like I’m carrying a 1000 pound weight on my back no matter what I’ve triy or use. And the doctors are no help. There just tell me it’s part of the meds and the disease. I sleep very well. I’m at my wits end. Tired of being tired. Want my energy back.

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Have you had your B12 levels checked? I take B12 shots once per week plus I take a B complex vitamin along with my multi-vitamin each day. I would have… read more

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Has anyone ever went to a Dr. other then your HIV doctor and lift feeling like they didn't went to work with you because of the Hiv?

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I had the experience with an internist here on Cape Cod. He was specific about it, indicating he had OTHER health issues that left HIS immune system… read more

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Everyone needs someone, right?

Seriously, Is there any one who lives in or near Richmond, VA who is alone and is looking for someone. I don't mean a hook-up, quickie, meaningless sex, or some young-blood looking for a sugar daddy. I mean someone who wants a real friend to do things with, talk too, help fill the void. I'm 55 & have fewer days ahead then behind me, I'm old-school but I'm not old. I like Video games (PS4) , Bourbon, Mary Jane, Marvel comics, going to the gym, writing, moped riding, long walks,… read more

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Is there a form somewhere that my partner can sign saying they are aware of a persons status?

posted 6 days ago by A myHIVteam User
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aware of your status or somebody else's? Either way, it doesn't matter, there are no forms to fill out. If you want to have something official, you will… read more

posted 2 days ago

New Implant Could Protect Women from HIV

Researchers in Canada have developed a vaginal implant that aims to protect women from becoming diagnosed with HIV.

Have scientists found a new way to protect women from HIV?
In a paper now published in the Journal of Controlled Release, they report how they successfully tested the vaginal implant in laboratory animals.

HIV, which is the virus that causes AIDS, hijacks activated immune T cells to use their machinery to complete its life cycle — that is, to produce copies… read more


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I am taking this drug and wonder if it makes you gain weight. I was on Atripla and didn't seem to have this weight issue

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How/if/when do you tell your child you have HIV?

I have a very honest relationship with my 13 year old who is aware something isn't medically right with me and would like to explain in a way I hope would reassure rather than panic them but cannot be open with everyone about being HIV positive and don't want to burden my child with a secret. I would be grateful for anyone's experience and thoughts please in terms of when and how they told their children and how it went. Thank you.

posted 7 days ago by A myHIVteam User

Telling my son was a very hard thing for me, I was very concerned about how it would effect him. I prepared him by doing a Q&A with him about… read more

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Does ANYONE have ANY side effects to Triumeq? And does marijuana help anyone? Do NOT let ANYONE tell you that there's NO side effects to Triumeq, because there is. The side effects I have to it is BAD nausea AND dry heaving/ vomiting that produces NOTHING when it happens the more I vomit the more my stomach retracts into itself AND the more pain it causes. I've found marijuana is a great choice for the HIV community. It counteracts the nausea I have AND it gets me to eat when I don't want to after I just… read more

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Talk to your Dr. about switching medication.I've taken Genvoya for about 2 yrs now and have had no side effects that I have noticed.

posted 6 days ago

What is the difference between these generic drugs?

I started my treatment in November, 2017 with the generic version of Atripla which is on the right side (Aurobindo) of the shown photo. I experienced scary night sweats and tough tiredness at nights with Aurobindo drug. But in February, 2018 my doctor swithched my drug to Mylan version of Atripla (on the left side on the photo) which is also generic. But I experinced absolutely no side effects, no night sweats, no tiredness with Mylan. Both drugs have exp. date… read more

posted 10 days ago by A myHIVteam User
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