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Disclosure and HIV

Disclosing your HIV status to a date, friend, or family member can be nerve-wracking. Too many people are uneducated about HIV and may respond with fear or ignorance. They may have questions that are difficult to ask and difficult to answer. It...
Posted 05/18/2018
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Being Yourself Is More Than Enough

"After years of feeling like I need to be better, stronger, healthier, and in control, I now know I am enough." -Member of myHIVteamMembers of myHIVteam experience the burden of HIV physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Sometimes we...
Posted 05/14/2018

Weight Gain and HIV

Managing HIV isn't easy. On top of that, it can sometimes cause weight gain. Losing the extra weight may be challenging because of body changes, fatigue, and medication side effects.On myHIVteam, the social network and online support group for...
Posted 05/10/2018
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Eating Healthy and HIV

Healthy eating can be difficult while living with HIV. While there is no specific diet for those with HIV, eating healthy and reducing your intake of processed foods may help with fatigue and improve vitality. Changing your diet can be challenging...
Posted 05/07/2018

Sex Life and HIV

Did your sex life change after your diagnosis? It's a question many people newly diagnosed with HIV wonder about. Hearing from others about the impact of HIV on their relationships and sex life can fight isolation and spread hope. On myHIVteam,...
Posted 04/27/2018
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Fatigue and HIV

"Is there something you can take to get your energy back? I always feel like I’m carrying a 1000 pound weight on my back no matter what I’ve tried or use. And the doctors are no help, they just tell me it’s part of the meds and the disease. I...
Posted 04/06/2018
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Emotional Health and HIV

Since discovering I was HIV positive, life has been a roller coaster ride. Between the emotions, the questions and the uncertainty, it can become overwhelming. - A member of myHIVteamOn myHIVteam, the social network and online support group for...
Posted 03/26/2018
Taylor bryant 424768 unsplash

Self-Acceptance and HIV

People living with HIV all take different approaches to dealing with life's challenges when it comes to family, friends, and work. A person processing their HIV diagnosis may go through the 5 steps of grief. The five stages, denial, anger,...
Posted 03/19/2018
Victor freitas 570027 unsplash

Staying Active and HIV

Regular, moderate exercise has many of the same advantages for people with HIV disease as it does for most people. Exercise can improve lean body mass, decrease fat, manage stress better, help with fatigue and decrease depression symptoms. Besides...
Posted 03/12/2018
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Sleep and HIV

When you have HIV, sleep can be hard to come by. Anxiety, restlessness, medication side effects, stigma, and insomnia can compound an HIV diagnosis and keep you awake at night. Hearing tips and receiving support from others in your shoes may...
Posted 03/02/2018
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