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Has Anyone Experience Any Issues With Their Relationship After Being Diagnoised?
A myHIVteam Member asked a question 💭

My partner (he's Negative, btw) and I are going on our 25th year, but things have changed between us since my diagnosis in 2013. We had a brief break back in 2012 and I was traveling extensively with my work. Then I became ill in late 2012 and, at the time, thought it was stress related or perhaps flu symptoms. After several doctor visits throughout 2012 and 2013 came my diagnosis. At the time, he was very supportive of me. We are both very involved in our careers, but always have been… read more

posted December 18, 2017
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A myHIVteam Member

From your post, doesn't sound like HIV is the real issue. Would be nice to blame it, but sounds much deeper.

posted December 25, 2017
A myHIVteam Member

I posted 6 months ago about difficulties similar to yours that my spouse and I were going through. As an update, we filed for divorce yesterday. The experiences leading up to it were filled with fear, unhapppiness and loss of self worth. We went to the Courthouse together and were able to file while remaining friends. After over 8 years together, we still have posessions to sort through. Fortunately, we are not filled with hatred. We only want each other to move on with our lives seperately, but happy. I am definitely in a much better place mentally. I hope you have found answers you are looking for.

posted June 28, 2018
A myHIVteam Member

Sorry to say but it's been over on his end for quite sometime and i bet he has another guy . This happened to me and they give you all the signals it's over but dont have the balls to tell ya.
Really so sorry for you, wishing you all the best .


posted June 27, 2018
A myHIVteam Member

Yes Exactly the same

posted December 23, 2017
A myHIVteam Member

I’ve been married for 35 years now , we split for 6 months about 3 years ago and I started dating a woman that ended up infecting me , I’m back with my wife now but sleeping in separate rooms and even though she knows I can’t infect her refuses to have anything to do with me. I keep looking for reasons to stay but I’m running out . I’ve met a few ladies but as soon as I tell them I’m positive their gone . So I guess it’s just me and rosie

posted December 14, 2020

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