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How Do Any Of You Manage To Stay On Medication An Take Them On Time?

How Do Any Of You Manage To Stay On Medication An Take Them On Time?

I do good taking antivirals until I get overwhelmed with life (school, work, exc). How do any of you manage to stay on medication an take them on time?

A myHIVteam Member said:

I have several things I do.
1) I have my pill times set to android alarm on my phone and tablet.
2) I have everyday reminders sent to me on google calendar
3) I keep 4 days worth of just my HIV meds in my glove compartment in the car, just in case I forget to grab them on my way out the door. just remember to restock your car. you can remind yourself with of course android alarm
4) I have a weeks worth of meds at a friends house that I am at a lot.
5) I have a weeks worth of meds locked up at work (when I was working)
6) when the alarm goes off to take meds, I do not shut it off, until I take my meds, instead I hit the snooze button (I have it snoozing for 15 minutes).
7) when I get my first prescription, (you can do it even if you do it if it is not your 1st prescription), I renew my meds at the end of the 3rd week. when I get them, I still have a week's worth of meds left. I then set my google calendar up to remind me every 28 days to remind me to get a refill. If you renew every 28 days, and get 30 days of pills, in a year, you will have an extra 24 days of meds stocked up, in the case of emergency of insurance problems. Right now, I have 2 months reserve on hand. When the doctor changes prescriptions, I finish up what I have first, but still order the new prescriptions, so I can keep my reserves on hand.

posted about 5 years ago
A myHIVteam Member said:

You can try phone alarms, or use an app that offers a free reminder/email service to your phone. The reminder can say anything you like, as long as you know it relates to meds.

posted about 5 years ago
A myHIVteam Member said:

Cause I know if I don't take my meds on time every day . I'm gonna get sick and then I'm going to get sick . And I'm going to take my meds cause I want to see all of you get old . It's the good life for me been undetected for 15 years .

posted about 3 years ago
A myHIVteam Member said:

I take all of my medications at night... before I go to bed. I had a really hard time taking meds. in the A.M. I discussed problem with Doc., and he suggested taking them all at same time... bedtime. It worked for me. Plus I sleep through any discomfort the medications produce. I have been undetectable for a few years now.

edited, originally posted over 3 years ago
A myHIVteam Member said:

Use a Daily pill box for a week or a day and carry with you.

posted over 4 years ago
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