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Has Anyone Taken Issentress Emtriva And Intellence And How Did It Do For You
A myHIVteam Member asked a question 💭

My Dr has thought about switching me from intellence and emtriva and issentrres yo Biktarvy what are your suggestions

Do You Actually Know How To Take Your HIV Medication?
A myHIVteam Member asked a question 💭

Have you ever read the pamphlet on your medications?
Some medications you can just take them without food.
Other medications you have to take them with food.
for the medications that you have to take with food do you know what kind of food you have to eat to make that drug work at its maximum?
Did you know that some HIV medications work better when you eat fatty foods?
It's important to read those pamphlets that come with the medications then you know how to actually take your medications.

A myHIVteam Member

I take biktarvy at midnight every night with food. I’m a night owl so I’m always up at that time.i like taking it at night so if I have side effects I’m sleeping lol.

Is Health Insurance For People With HIV A Concern For You?
A myHIVteam Member asked a question 💭

For those with HIV and in the LGBT community... have the current HIV policies in your State or Country...cause you anxiety and concern about your future? What are your concerns about the healthcare system in relation to your health insurance and medications?

A myHIVteam Member

@A myHIVteam Member all kinds of life insurance for people with hiv. Check here: https://www.google.com/search?q=life+insurance+...

What Medicine Do You Take?
A myHIVteam Member asked a question 💭

I have no idea why or how but according to my viral load test my VL went from undetectable to 93. I have never missed my biktarvy. None of it makes sense.

My doctor mentioned possibly switching from biktarvy to something else to see if another medication would “jump start” my cd4. Now she may really want to since my VL is increasing.

A myHIVteam Member

Blips occur.I have had it happen and on retest was undetectable.