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Was Anyone Else Ever On Truvada?
A myHIVteam Member asked a question 💭

I was in the very beginning and wondered if others experienced side e c frcts?

A myHIVteam Member

I had acute kidney failure and they rem9ved me and putme on dexcovy and I've been on descovy and tivicay ever since which has.worked what did they switch you to?

Did You Know That Oral PrEP Can Work Just As Well For Women As Men, Modelling Studies Conclude.
A myHIVteam Member asked a question 💭

This is good news for women who want to protect themselves! Read more here:

A myHIVteam Member

@A myHIVteam Member. Oral Prep works well in men. The GI tract absorbs the medication easily. The vagina is more isolated, probably added layers of protection for the fetus. Suppositories were… read more

Descovy Or Truvada?
A myHIVteam Member asked a question 💭

Reading up on side effects of Descovy and really considering asking my Dr. to go back to Truvada. Weight gain, higher cholesterol, and cardiovascular problems are all a side effect along with kidney damage . I think I'd prefer the kidney damage I was getting with Truvada...than the 30# I've gained since on Desovy and my cholesterol numbers are really elevated. My kidney numbers have improved. Seems to me your just trading which part of your body you'd rather damage. Am I missing something… read more

A myHIVteam Member

Hello bro's and sis's; if you experience a fat build up around the waist and other areas you can ask your doctor for " EGRIFTA " to get rid of the extra fat layers due to the anti-virals treatment or… read more

What Are Causes Of Slight Increases / Variations In Viral Load? (Ie. 104 To 110 To 220 To 80 To 120?).
A myHIVteam Member asked a question 💭

Do some type 2 diabetes medications interact with Tivicay or Descovy?

Treatment for HIV Read Article...
What Medication Do You Take?
A myHIVteam Member asked a question 💭

So, I ask this because it lets us all know about other medications available and reviews on them. I understand everyone is different and side effects may vary, but I'm asking specifically about your experience with the medication. Thank you for sharing/responding and have a blessed day.

P.S. - Does anyone know if there any HIV medications that have weight loss as a side effect?!

1. What HIV medication do you take
2. How do you like it/ How well does it work?
3. Side Effects?
4. Would you… read more

A myHIVteam Member

"Biktarvy" I started 5 years ago

Have Any Of You Switched To Dovato After Taking Biktarvy And If Given The Chance To Do It Again, Would You?
A myHIVteam Member asked a question 💭

I've been on Biktarvy for a couple of years and have experienced weight gain. A friend told me to talk to my doctor and make the switch to Dovato as it's a much better HIV drug and has less issues with weight gain.

Are There Any Others Who Have Both HIV And Hepatitis?
A myHIVteam Member asked a question 💭

I have both HIV and recently contracted hep b. I’m a little worried from the research I did on having both simultaniously and would appreciate persoanl feedback from others who have both.

A myHIVteam Member

I had A&B over 15 years ago dr gave me a couple shots now alset..I also have C I did great for it.liver looks hood..its all about living healthy from this point forward really..good luck...

I Take Dovato For My Hiv Status Should I Be On Prep Also?
A myHIVteam Member asked a question 💭
A myHIVteam Member


I Have A Weird Question But My Dr. Switched My Hiv Med From Biktarvy To Delstrigo And Love It .1 Problem?
A myHIVteam Member asked a question 💭

The problem is my insurance paid over 5000 for my biktarvy during change so i have 1 full sealed bottle left of it . I called to see if pharmacy wanted back they said no throw away really . Is there a place to donate it sealed what a expensive waste . Any thoughts or advice . Thanks Louis

A myHIVteam Member

I love biktarvy. I have had no problem with it myself but I usually have not had issues with meds since the days of crixavan and azt. Sustiva used to make me tan. I miss that! Us gingers don't tan… read more

Undetectable But Low Cd4 Count
A myHIVteam Member asked a question 💭

I have been undetectable for nearly 6 months but never have had a cd4 above 170 and that was when I had a viral load of 500,000 !!! Not a typo. Technically this has kept me in the AIDS dx but zero symptoms. Even my ID doc is puzzled by it considering I have had zero symptoms in 1.5 years.

Anyone with similar viral load and cd4 discrepancies?
What does your doc say?

A myHIVteam Member

Don't worry when your VL under 50, it call undetacteble and your CD4will increase,my VL take me yrs just under 50but since my VL always under 50, my Car never over 500,the highest time it was… read more