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Have Anyone Experienced Joint Or Muscle Pain?
A myHIVteam Member asked a question 💭

For the past 2 weeks I have mild elbow joint and muscle pain. It’s in both arms. If you did was it serious enough to talk to the doctor about it. What did you do to help relieve the sore. My energy have been a bit low and I’m going to bed earlier. I thought maybe it’s the humidity or something else. Also I’m taking Biktarvy once a day.

posted July 2, 2020
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A myHIVteam Member

I have had this problem for years and it was because I was vitamin d deficient. I advise you to maybe talk with your doctor. It could be the meds or something else. Better safe than sorry. Feel better sis

posted July 3, 2020
A myHIVteam Member

I would have feet pain when i first wake up... I talked to my doctor about it... She suggested i stretch my feet before getting out of bed... It has worked but whats next is my thinking.

posted July 15, 2020
A myHIVteam Member

Sorry for the delayed response but I thought that my pain wasn't related to what you were experiencing. Then, rethinking - I felt that if we share all our physical developments, we can further help and support each other.

So here is my response.
Lotus, never had elbow problems. Don't know what to say.

My physical injury list is quite long. Because of my Ballet career so some (probably most) of my physical pain is:
1: dislocated right shoulder
2: general shoulder arthritis
3: left hip socket- no tissue causing grinding arthritis- needs surgery
4: Fractured 2nd vertabrea, lower back (caused by Gileads bad batch of Truvada
5: Lack of bone density.

Probably more, but would really like to share with other team members to see if we can further support each others experiences

posted July 4, 2020
A myHIVteam Member

@A myHIVteam Member I’ll try it after you give a lengthy review of how it works on your rusty achy feet 😂

posted July 3, 2020
A myHIVteam Member

I normally have sometimes can't even stand up by my feet lol...I normally relax and my niece massage me until i feel better. Not an easy pain though.

posted July 2, 2020

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