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Is Numbness And Hip Pain Part Of The Disease

Is Numbness And Hip Pain Part Of The Disease

Have had kidney pain and numbness in hip legs and arms they are not sure what is going on.

A myHIVteam Member said:

Yes, absolutely. I was admitted to Boston Medical Center last February for a whole month. Adrenal gland failure, kidneys involved, potassium through the roof, no salt in my blood. Took an entire month of in hospital care to fix me.
Lots of IV bags with antibiotics. Lots of needle shots of I don't know what.
Blood draws, like 10 times a day and night.
Whatever the different teams of Doctors and nurses did I don't know, but it took an entire month to get my body back to normal.
Wasn't fun, but I truly believe that the Truvada was responsible for the collapse of my organs.
Hate Gilead for what the bad batch of Truvada did to me.
On Biktarvy since and doing excellent.
The clinical trials are on and progressing. I believe that within a year they discover a cure

posted 7 months ago
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