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How Well Do You Know Your Providers Background?

How Well Do You Know Your Providers Background?

I am asking for a specific reason - until March 2018, I had been a patient of the Seattle Infectious Disease Clinic under the care of Dr. Dinges. There was an incident which occurred which caused me to changer my care provider. In asking this question, I am also saying do research on your provider: how much $ are they getting from drug companies, has their been any filings against them or their practice? And to any of Dr. Dinges patients, please send me an email, I have questions I would like to… read more

A myHIVteam Member said:

@A myHIVteam Member This is about the. entire pharmaceutical branch of health care. I had a dog that had a cancerous tumour over taking his pituitary gland. Diagnosis was reasonable but the artificial hormones were more than my rent. That Pharmacy Doctor love watching the pride in which my dog walked in prefect heel. he suggested the veterinarian change the prescription to generic. Going into his office was like a warehouse for an electronics shop. The bribe for filling prescriptions which shows that the kick back for prescribing doctors would me in the millions.
With my family doctor she turns away the sellers and refuses to distribute free samples. 'I spent many years and dollars to get a degree as a physician if I wanted to be a drug dealer it would have been an easier but see fulfilling career'
I have gone to the central medical site for the profiles of all of my doctors. I had coffee with the Head of epidemiology about how he had been called in multiple times for consult. 'Your ID Doctors have been in teams for AIDS research and no better can be found locally'
My last appointment was with 2 doctors eliminating the Clinical Nurse which had a huge sense of humour. After the vitals were complete and weight taken. 'If I did not have knowledge of the HIV status your are healthier than 90% of the population' My Specialist first comment was about the physical and then 'It has been driving me clinically insane looking at the CD4 count static and overwhelmingly stubborn, It is only one part of the entire immune system and your last blood let was to do a broader spectrum investigation, In your case and a minimal of others, you have a mirror immune system that is keeping you healthy'
The question 'How is your equipment working put it to kindergarten. 'It's in the shop having the winter tires removed or are you referring to my peepee?'

posted over 3 years ago
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