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Limits Proposed For Medicaid Coverage Of HIV Meds

Limits Proposed For Medicaid Coverage Of HIV Meds

Advocates are sounding alarms after the Trump administration on Monday unveiled a proposal that, if implemented, would lower the number of HIV drugs available to Medicare recipients beginning in 2020.

The proposal, which also reduces the drugs available to people with cancer, depression, and other health conditions, is being framed by the Trump administration as a cost-cutting initiative by creating leverage for Medicare-contracted insurance companies in… read more

A myHIVteam Member said:

Source could not be included because of the silly 3000 character limiit, but here it is:

edited, originally posted over 1 year ago
A myHIVteam Member said:

Rickstar: Yes I saw this news on my MSN home page a couple of days ago. I think this is Trumps way of saving medicare money by depriving people with pre-existing conditions and chronic illness of lifesaving medication. I am hoping with the new congress and oversight and healthcare at the top of their agenda this ridiculous proposal will never reach the floor.

posted over 1 year ago
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