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If You're Single, How Has Dating Been Since You Know Your Status??

If You're Single, How Has Dating Been Since You Know Your Status??

If You're Single, How Has Dating Been Since You Know Your Status?? if you are dating, do you specifically look for poz people, or doesn't it matter?

A myHIVteam Member said:

For me its been hard to date even though ive metro guys accepting my situation, but i Fear im the one whose gonna get hurt. On the another hand lord knows how i wish i met my other half to be supported and conforted and take all my fears go away

posted about 2 years ago
A myHIVteam Member said:

For me, it has been hard to date with my HIV diagnosis since 2008. At the current moment, I'm not dating anybody. I've dated men who are positive and one who was not. I was honest about my status to all including the one who was negative, and it appeared he was understanding and accepted my status. A year later, he threw my status in my face stating I should be glad he dealt with me because no one in their right mind would.

As for those who were just like me, it came down to the fact I was settling because I felt I could not do any better. From what I have experienced far, I prefer to date men who have the same status. Therefore, I don't have to educate them about HIV and treatments.
Moreover, I want them to get to know me as I would like to know them. If not, I don't waste too much of my time. Yet, I'm not giving up!

posted almost 4 years ago
A myHIVteam Member said:

@A myHIVteam Member I added your question to it as well that is a good question to thank you!

Let me just say prior to finding out about my status dating was already hard . This just makes it even harder . when I was diagnosed I didn't date for a while the fear of rejection kicked in. Then I found out about poz only site and when I saw that they were all pretty much still full of games as well I went back into not dating at all. If I do date or try to explore the option of dating someone who is not poz I end up overthinking over analyzing and self-sabotaging before I can even give them the chance to like me. I really haven't found somebody that I want to take the time to get to know and let them into that part of my life. The few friends and family members that do no still treat me the same however I do have a couple of friends that have totally abandoned me I'm just not ready to deal with that rejection when it comes to dating.

posted about 4 years ago
A myHIVteam Member said:

My situation is an odd one. I have been dating the same person for the last 20 years. We met when when we were young and dumb and in our 20s. I was positive then and he was not. A few years after we started dating, I infected him because we didn't use protection. How crazy is that right? Well he has never held it against me and we have been together ever since. I know it's a weird story and seemingly irresponsible, but it is what it is and I am fortunate to be in a loving relationship with someone who doesn't hold anything against me and we've been going strong for 20 years. I know this story is an anomaly, but that's my story.

posted 10 months ago
A myHIVteam Member said:

Sadly, I ended my 9-year relationship with my boyfriend. And for that reason since my status, it's been very very hard. I'm now paranoid and it's hard to get close to another person when I have this status over my head. It's basically became force field to the point that I can't get close to anyone anymore cuz of this.

edited, originally posted over 2 years ago
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